• What if none of these plans work for me?

    Here at Hartway we are always open to change things around to work for our clients. Get in touch and we can sort a custom plan for you?

  • How will I know that it has been effective?

    At the end of each month you will be supplied with a broken down report of your page’s success.

  • Do you do one-off training for social media teams?

    Yes, we have various in house training programmes so your inhouse social media team can learn how to make your socials work for you.

  • How much is a stand alone photography session?

    We charge $90 p/h. This includes editing and the shoot. (Min 1 hour)

  • How long am I locked in for?

    We truly believe that after three months with Hartway you will see the results, hence why all of our plans work in three month periods.

  • What if I have my own content?

    Similar to the custom plans question, we are more than happy to work out prices that would reflect the client supplying the team with content.